Rethinking your Renewal Strategy and Member Experience



10am - 3pm AEDT


What Will I Learn?

Rethinking your approach to renewals in a digital and information age.

How to effectively develop a renewal strategy (template and framework issued to attendees).

Best practices across Membership Renewal Strategies to grow your association.

Applying Member Experience functions - personalisation, simplicity and accessibility - to your renewal strategy.

Who is This Course For?





CAE Approved Provider

Causeis is a CAE Approved Provider and you'll earn CAE Accreditation Points by attending the Causeis Digital Academy. When selecting a CAE eligible course from a CAE Approved Provider, you can be confident that the course will be recognized for CAE credit as advertised. Find out more about CAE Accreditation at ASAE and AuSAE


Michelle Lelempsis, CiP - Managing Director, Causeis

Michelle has consulted and presented in Australia and globally to 100s of associations to help them enable their digital strategies. Whether Michelle is presenting on engagement scoring, data analytics, member experience or how to align technology to meet your internal or external expectations you'll find her passion and enthusiasm for the industry contagious.

With a career spanning nearly 20 years in IT, associations and not-for-profits, Michelle founded Causeis to bring a new level of expertise across strategy, digital and consulting.

With hands-on experience across every layer of associations and charities, Michelle understands the full spectrum to support your mission.

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