Success Story

NiUG Asia Pacific

NiUG Asia Pacific: Transitioning to iMIS EMS Enterprise and Modernising their Online Digital Presence

NiUG AP is the official iMIS User Group for the Asia Pacific region, offering support, networking and education opportunities specifically for iMIS users and helping membership organisations to make the most of their investment in iMIS.

With support and guidance from Causeis, NiUG AP have achieved a transformational shift in their digital presence over the past 6 months. They have moved their operations to a dynamic iMIS EMS Enterprise system and launched a new iMIS-powered website to improve their member experience and engagement.

NiUG Asia Pacific’s Digital Journey to iMIS EMS Enterprise has focused on their member and staff experiences.

At a Glance

Key Challenges
  • Legacy iMIS 2017
  • Outdated website
  • Poor navigation
  • Migrated to iMIS EMS Enterprise
  • Established Cloud-friendly data automation
  • Member-centric website
  • Transformed member experience
  • Improved staff experience with iMIS EMS Enterprise
  • Reduced administration

The Challenge

NiUG Asia Pacific was using a legacy version of iMIS, the Engagement Management Software. While this system was still effective for managing their day to day operations, they were not able to take advantage of new functionality, improved staff automations or provide their members with added functionality through their website.

NiUG AP staff and volunteers were losing potential efficiencies through the lengthier processes and limited automation provided by the legacy Desktop application and the staff site.

The association’s website was also starting to appear dated and had lost focus on the member benefits and services, resulting in an uninspiring user experience.

The Solution

Causeis guided NiUG AP to through a migration to iMIS EMS Enterprise and a website redesign to improve their member and staff experience. The move to iMIS EMS Enterprise, with ASI Cloud Services, provided significant opportunities for the association including:

  • A simple and intuitive browser-based iMIS interface
  • Focused staff training
  • Removal of non-Cloud friendly solutions
  • Creation of Cloud-friendly data automation, membership management and more!
  • Enhanced use of iMIS functionality including Communications Suite and Process Automation
  • Last upgrade they’ll need to resource!

Working with NiUG, Causeis identified a number of membership-related processes that could be automated with the use of CSI’s Data Management Suite, saving staff and volunteers significant time and resources. Using a Cloud-friendly approach that avoided custom SQL requirements, Causeis developed solutions to automate membership processes such as:

  • Automatically setting individuals’ member types based on the company’s membership
  • Automatically inactivating members who lapse
  • Setting members’ chapter assignment based on their location
  • Automagically removing the locked-out flag nightly
  • Data Integrity checks such as catching those Members without a paid-through date!

Following the successful migration to iMIS EMS Enterprise, Causeis worked with NiUG AP to develop a member focused website design. NiUG AP’s new Cloud-friendly website delivers a range of advantages:

  • Designed beyond the template for a solution tailored to NiUG Asia Pacific
  • Member-centric design delivers an enhanced member experience
  • Modern design and best practice concepts applied to the entire website
  • Highlights such as videos and events clearly demonstrate member benefits.

NiUG Asia Pacific have embraced their digital journey, achieving a range of efficiency enhancements and transforming their digital presence.

The Success

Why not check-out the new-look NiUG AP by visiting their new website. And if you’re an iMIS organisation, why not consider joining NiUG Asia Pacific while you are there!

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